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The innovative unit NF3E is available in the category Large size

The NF3E is an innovative product that replaces the previous products NF-3E and NF3X-350. It is newl ..
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Posted: 26/04/2016

New lighting control unit NF32 in Medium size category

NF32 is a new control unit for lighting medium-sized model aircrafts with a wingspan up to 1.3 meter ..
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Posted: 05/04/2016

News in LEDs, Accessories category

Recently, we have included in our e-shop some new products in the LED, Accessories category. There a ..
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Posted: 11/02/2016

New products in the servo accessories

NF-INV3 and NF-SD3 are inovated products in the servo accessories category. NF-INV3 is the new se ..
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Posted: 11/02/2016

New lighting control units XL size

Last year we started with the innovation of existing control units for different models. Currentl ..
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Posted: 11/02/2016
NF-3RC Jet 2 NF-3-120 Medium Size Controllers NF-3m NF-3RC NF-3-80 Heli Heli 2
Welcome to NightFly e-shop

Our Company develops and produces software, Embedded systems and Light systems based on LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology. Our NightFly product range is known by airplane's modellers worldwide. NightFly product range consists of light controllers, jet afterburner simulators, inventors and retarders of servo movement. Controllers are made for various types and scales of airplane's and helicopter's models.

The NightFly units Lights are designed for illumination of models with colored ultra bright LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). They maintain the nominal current running through the diodes in a wide range of supplied voltage without the need to connect a compensating resistance series. As the number of  cells of the powering accumulator increases, so does the number of diodes that can be connected (serially) in one circuit. Using a seven-cell-accumulator, 2 green or white diodes and/or 3 red or yellow diodes can be connected in one circuit.

NightFly units from NF-JET product range are designed to imitate illusion of flame on the output of turbin engines. We produce rings with one, two or three lines of High Light-Emitting Diods (LED) in several color variations and diameters. We have now 5 units to simulate flame. They are ordered from smallest to biggest.

NightFlyunits from Servo Accessories product range offer you the possibility to reverse the servo movement direction (sense of deviations) or to limit the speed of movement of servo at response to a change of deviation.

For maximum comfort when customizing or assembling your scaled light system we offer you several Additional Accesories. You can select from various additional LEDs which vary in size, color and power. You can buy additional reflectors or LED holders for landing lights. There is also the possibility to buy cables or our special serial „Y“ adaptors to plud more LEDs serially to controller outputs.

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